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If you would be interested in serving the Town of Halifax as
Windham Regional Commission Representative, please submit a
letter of interest to the Halifax Selectboard, 246 Branch Road,
PO Box 127, West Halifax, Vermont 05358.
This is a one-year appointed position.

Commissioners represent their Town on the Windham Regional Commission, and advise WRC on decisions and actions that may affect their Town and other municipalities in the region. They attend full Commission meetings every other month, where they interact with colleagues from other towns, participate in discussions, and hear presentations on a variety of topics. Commissioners also serve on two or more committees. They do not make decisions on behalf of the Town, but act as liaison between the Town and WRC, relaying pertinent information between Town officials and the Regional Commission and assisting the Town in accessing information and securing grant funding.

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Spiral-bound, printed copies of the Halifax Zoning Regulations, as approved
by the voters on March 1, 2016, are now available from the Town Clerk.
Price: $5.00

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The Town of Halifax is looking for a Zoning Administrator. This is a part-time position compensated through permit fees. Job description and qualifications are detailed below. If interested, please write the Halifax Planning Commission, PO Box 127, West Halifax, VT 05358, or email secretary Robbin Gabriel,, or speak to any Selectboard or Planning Commission member by May 10, 2016. Candidates will be interviewed by the Planning Commission, and recommendations made to the Selectboard. The Selectboard appoints the Zoning Administrator.

Note: The Selectboard is considering combining the Zoning Administrator position with the ADA (American Disabilities Act) Coordinator position.

Zoning Administrator—Job Description

The Zoning Administrator is appointed to administer the Halifax Zoning Regulation. The Zoning Administrator shall literally enforce the provisions of the Zoning Regulations, and in so doing, shall inspect land developments, maintain records of his/her actions, report periodically to the public and the Selectboard, and perform all other necessary tasks to carry out the provisions of this Regulation and the duties of his/her office. The Zoning Administrator will work with the Planning Commission, the Town Clerk and the Listers.

The Zoning Administrator shall provide assistance to applicants, provide information to applicants and help interpret the bylaws. The Zoning Administrator will issue municipal zoning permits.

The Zoning Administrator will inform any person applying for municipal zoning permits that they should contact the regional permit specialist employed by the Agency of Natural Resources in order to assure timely action on any related state permits, although it is the applicant’s obligation to acquire any needed state permits.


  • Working knowledge of the Zoning Regulations
  • Some knowledge about farming and land topography
  • Some knowledge about construction and the building trades
  • The ability to accurately process the paper work in a timely manner
  • The ability to communicate clearly with all involved parties

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The Halifax Selectboard is in search of new members for the Broadband Committee.
Over the past five years committee members have assisted in acquiring the grants
which brought fiber optics to the Halifax school, established the WiFi hot spot
at the Town Garage, and set up the town web site. They have also expanded their
focus to include cellular coverage and economic development.

The current committee members are now retiring; if the Broadband Committee
is to remain active new volunteers are needed.

If you have an interest in seeing the Committee continue, and would be
willing to serve, please contact any Selectboard member, or call/email
Robbin Gabriel, 802-368-2590;

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High Speed Internet Service Available in Halifax

The VTEL tower in Halifax is now operational.
Contact VTEL at or 802-885-4444 to subscribe.

Service may not be available everywhere. Different equipment may be needed at different
locations, and please note that one piece of equipment–but not all of them and perhaps
not the best choice for your location–may be available at a discount for people
in Halifax, which is an underserved area.

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Spiral-bound copies of the March 4, 2014 Town Plan are now available for purchase at the Town Office. Contains seven 11×17 fold-out color maps, including road, agricultural lands, existing land use, and natural resources maps. Cost: $8.00 each.

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 If you would be interested in serving as Secretary to the Halifax Planning Commission,
please send a letter of interest to the Halifax Selectboard, PO Box 127, West Halifax, VT. This is a paid position.
For more information, call or email Robbin Gabriel,