Committee Members

Tristan Roberts, Chair
Bob Teree, Vice Chair
David Jones, Clerk
Stephan Chait
Cara Cheyette


Every Halifax Household Should Complete the Broadband Survey Before March 17.

Do you want high-speed Internet at your home or business with SUPER fast speeds — good enough for instant video, communication, and heavy data needs? The Windham Regional Commission is leading a project to determine how high-speed Internet can be delivered throughout Windham County. The first step is to tell the project team how much we want it in Halifax.

Every home and business should complete the Broadband Survey before March 17. It takes less than 15 minutes! If you can’t complete it online, paper copies are available at the Town Office.

The Broadband Committee will also be available to help you with the survey at the Halifax Town Meeting on March 3 and the Informational Meeting on February 24.


Please share with neighbors and friends! Questions can be directed to Bob Teree @ (member of Halifax Broadband Committee)

More information can be found here:

You can print out the survey and drop off at the Halifax town office as well:

Thanks for your support!


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