Highway Department

Brad Rafus, Road Commissioner




 The Town of Halifax is soliciting bids on the following projects:

Paving: Reclaim 1.5 miles at 6” depth. Bidder to provide compaction. Install 2” of ¾” binder and 1” of 3/8” top, 22’ wide. Traffic control. Install 2’ shoulders with 1½” crushed gravel. Gravel provided and trucked by the town. Only 100% virgin materials; no RAP. Tack where required.

Bridge: Design/build, HS25 load rating. Replace existing deck with concrete deck; install guardrails on bridge and approaches.

Shed: 30’ x 28’ pole barn type structure with enclosed endwall. Corrugated metal roof and end wall.

Crushing: Approximately 6,000 cubic yards to 1¼” crushed gravel. Town will remove finished product. Bidder must have ability to break up large rocks for crushing. Bid on a per-cubic-yard basis.

Bid deadline is 7:00 p.m., June 6, 2017 at the Halifax Town Office.

To receive a bid packet or more information, please contact
Brad Rafus, Road Commissioner, at 802-368-2803.

2017 Road Posting Notice


WIFI Tip: The town garage site in now a Halifax WiFi hot spot. There is a parking area just outside the the barriers at the top of the drive. Please do not park near the garage as this may interfere with normal operations of the Road Crew – Thank You.