(on withdrawal from Southern Valley Unified Union School District)

Friday, December 20, 2019
7:00 PM in the School Multipurpose Room
246 Branch Road, West Halifax, VT



Thurber Road Reclassification Decision


Click on the link below to view test results. Any further documentation will be added as it is received.

PFC Test Results, Spring 2019

PFC Test Results, Fall 2018

PFC Test Results, Spring 2018

PFC Test Results, Fall 2017

PFC Test Results-Tamburrino, Rafus, Town Garage, August 2017

PFC Test Results, MW-4 & Private Well

PFC Test Results, Spring 2017

PFC Test Results, Fall 2016

Landfill PFC Test Work Plan September 2016

Private Well FPC Test Work Plan November 2016


(see also, May 2, 2017 Selectboard meeting minutes)

Public Notice–Landfill Post-Closure Care Certification


C.A. Denison Lumber Co, Inc. / Ashfield Stone LLC:  Act 250 Halifax Quarry Application

To obtain electronic copies of the application information, you may go to:

and search for Project Number: 2W1318

This should have the most up-to-date information as received by the Agency of Natural Resources, District 2 & 3  Environmental Commission.

You may also request a CD-ROM of the original application materials at the Town Office, 368-7390, and/or view the Maps and other material in the application there.  Note the CD-ROM may not contain all of the most recent information as the application progresses.  Searching the Town of Halifax website will give you Selectboard meeting minutes during which the project has been discussed.

March 4, 2015 UPDATE

#2W1318 Last Hearing Memo & COS

February 17, 2015 UPDATE

#2W1318 Hearing Cancellation and COS

February 14, 2015 UPDATE

#2W1318 Hearing Memo Change and COS

February 7, 2015 UPDATE

#2W1318 Memo for Last Hearing & COS

January 31, 2015 UPDATE

These links have information regarding the February hearing schedule.

Rescheduled Hearing Memo & Certificate of Service

Recess Order #2 & Certificate of Service

November 24, 2014 UPDATE

Please see the following link for schedule of hearing dates and other pertinent information.

Denison Ashfield Quarry Hearing Notice, Dates and Information



Lately, the Selectboard has been hearing an increasing number of concerns about properties that need some spring cleaning.  It has been a long winter, we know, but if the daffodils aren’t covering the STUFF in your yard, you should know this:

1.       You may be able to get CASH for your junk vehicles or scrap metal, and other items if you have a tag sale

2.       We have two Halifax businesses which offer trash removal services

3.       There is an Electronics Recycling event being held to benefit the school on 5/24/2014

4.       The Halifax Fire Company, Inc. hosts an annual auction in early July, and they accept donations of salable items

5.       Due to changes in the solid waste laws, trash disposal in the future is likely to cost by volume, so clean up now to save
money later

6.       The Town of Halifax does have a Junk Ordinance—and we can issue fines of $50 per day if you don’t clean up the property or screen the problem areas from view.  See the link for the details.

We know one person’s trash may be another person’s treasure, and that sometimes life can make it difficult to pay attention to the small stuff, but please check out your own “curb appeal.”  If you need help, please contact a member of the Selectboard, before we contact you.  We will share a basic list of possible service providers for auto salvage or trash removal.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Posted 5/21/2014