Patricia Dow

Dear Voters:
You may have received a white postcard entitled Request for Early Absentee Voter Ballot.

These postcards were mailed out from the Secretary of State’s election office. This is part of the encouragement to vote-by-mail due to Covid-19 to avoid large numbers of people at the polls on election day.

Many of you who received this postcard have ALREADY requested to receive ballots for the upcoming elections. If so, IGNORE this postcard. You will be mailed your ballots soon.

If you have NOT already requested absentee ballots for August and November, and want to vote by mail, fill out the postcard and mail it back.
Please DO NOT FOLD AND TAPE. Simply tear off the return portion. The State has generously covered the cost of the postage, BUT the mail carrier said the town will be charged 20 cents for each postcard that is folded and taped, rather than torn off and returned. (Details details!)

Patricia Dow
Town of Halifax
Town Clerk’s Office
PO Box 127
West Halifax, VT 05358
(802) 368-7390 P & F


2020 Homestead Declarations
Vermont State Homestead declaration and income sensitivity payment application form deadlines have been extended to July 15.
This means towns will have more changes to homesteads to process later than normal.
There are no changes to the application process other than the dates.



Information for Residents & Property Owners (11-22-2016)

Help and Resources After a Disaster


Permit Forms

See the links below. Use “New Parcel” form for subdivision and boundary line adjustment requests, “Zoning Permit” form for new residential, non-residential, or accessory  structures or additions/alterations to existing structures. Submit a “Zoning Permit Renewal Application” if additional time is needed to complete construction of a previously approved project. Conditional uses are listed in sections 306, 307, and 308 of the Town of Halifax Zoning Regulations. Fees for all permits are shown on the “Fee Schedule for Zoning.”

Excess Weight Permit

Permit for New Parcels

Zoning Permit Application Form

Zoning Permit Renewal Application

Conditional Use Application Form

Halifax Driveway Permit

Zoning Permit Application for Signs

Fee Schedule for Zoning

Notice of Appeal

Miscellaneous Forms

Employment Application

Application for Certified Copy of Vermont Birth or Death Certificate

The following links are for Vermont Vital Record research and ordering of copies through the State of Vermont.
If you would like to order a copy through the Town Clerk you must print and submit the application along with
proper identification documentation.

Public Search Index is now live:
Link to Vital Records Ordering Service:


Halifax Community Celebration–Forms for Sponsors, Donors, and Marketplace Vendors

Donation Form

2019 Marketplace Vendor Application