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Information for Residents & Property Owners (11-22-2016)

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Permit Forms

See the links below. Use “New Parcel” form for subdivision and boundary line adjustment requests, “Zoning Permit” form for new residential, non-residential, or accessory  structures or additions/alterations to existing structures. Submit a “Zoning Permit Renewal Application” if additional time is needed to complete construction of a previously approved project. Conditional uses are listed in sections 306, 307, and 308 of the Town of Halifax Zoning Regulations. Fees for all permits are shown on the “Fee Schedule for Zoning.”

Excess Weight Permit

Permit for New Parcels

Zoning Permit Application Form

Zoning Permit Renewal Application

Conditional Use Application Form

Halifax Driveway Permit

Zoning Permit Application for Signs

Fee Schedule for Zoning

Notice of Appeal

Employment Application

Application for Employment